COVID-19 Special Shipping Requirments (08 April 2020)


The COVID-19 epidemic had affected postal systems too!  Australia Post is only accepting Intermational consignments via the Tracked service until further notice. (We are guessing 3 to 6 months.)  This will add a few dollars to your shipping, but will give you peace of mind!

Expect delays to normal transit times.


Ordering, Discounts, Payment & Shipping Information



For shipping to African countries, China, Mexico, Middle East and South American countries;

Irrespective of purchase value, I use TRACKED & INSURED (Pack & Track) service as  a MINIMUM requirement.

See shipping costs further below.

Express Courier International service (also known as EMS in some countries) at an extra $16 above the shipping rates noted on this page is available to all countries at buyer request.


Ordering and Checkout


Note; This is not an “automatic billing” mail order website.  After you place your order we will send you an invoice including postage costs as per your selected payment method and shipping requirements.  


(Only if you check the Please bill my credit card straight away box will me manually process your card payment and post ASAP. ) 

Please use the Buy Now - Add to Cart, Back Order (item is not in stock) and Checkout functions provided. 


When using Checkout, your preferred payment option and shipping requirements will be requested. 


An automatic email acknowledgement message of your order is sent immediately.  If not received, re-order as you probably did not enter your email address correctly.


Within 48 hours, you will receive an invoice, including shipping costs.


If you choose Credit Card payment, your card details will be requested at the checkout (via secure link). Your card will not be billed until you reply to our email invoice. 


Listed prices are subject to change.  (The price you order at will of course be honoured.)







All prices noted on this web are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.


We do not provide currency conversions. For an estimate of the equivalent in any other currency, we recommend you use one of the many reputable currency conversion services available on the web.


All invoices will be expressed in Australian Dollars.


All Payments are required in Australian Dollars.


Australian Tax 


A Goods and Services Tax (GST) applicable only to customers with an Australian postal address is included in all prices listed on this website.


Overseas Customers, 1/11th the listed price will be deducted on your behalf when your invoice is sent.  (Sorry, at this time, we are not able to automatically effect this on our web listed prices.)


Payment Methods


Payment for mail order purchases can be made via:

Direct Deposit EFT Bank Transfer (from Australian bank accounts only)

Credit Card 

PayPal (includes payment using your credit card via PayPal)

Cheque (Personal or Bank Cheque) in Australian Dollars Only

Western Union Electronic Money Transfer (this is a very specific service. We do not accept any other Western Union service).


Never send Cash in the Post!


We do not accept Cheques or any sort of Money Order in any currency other than Australian Dollars. 


If you want to pay by Credit Card but do not wish to submit your Credit Card numbers thru the web secure link, please choose a different payment option and notify us in the comments field of the check-out procedure. We will then work out an alternative means of receiving your card details. 


Postal Address

Postal Address for sent forms of payment:

Southern Sky Models
PO Box 765
WA 6914


Postal Rates - Within Australia:


Decals and Small (flat) accessories are sent at the following rates:

Up to 125g;    $3.20    (typically one decal - A5 format, or one PE set)

126g to 250g; $4.30    (typically two to five decals, A5/A4 format, or three PE sets.)

251g to 500g; $6.50    (typically up to ten decals or six PE sets).


'Sign for Delivery' Post at small parcel rates will be required if order value is over $75.00)


Kits and other items are sent at parcel rates -  Includes insurance and tracking:

$10.00 for all parcels under 500g valued under $75.

$13.00 for all parcels under 500g valued over $75 - includes 'Sign For Delivery'.

$17.00 for all parcels 501g to 1Kg - includes 'Sign For Delivery'.

Cost + $2.00 packaging fee for parcels greater than 1Kg.


Note - Within Australia, Postage of over 1KG parcels takes a jump to apprx $22, but then is small increments for any further additions. (Apprx $2.00 per typical 1/72 WW2 small fighter kit.)


3kg Express Post Satchels at $18.50 or 5kg Express Satchels at $28.50 can be used if the items will fit in the bag. Great for books and paints. 


Registered/Insured Post

I will normally use Standard or "Sign For Delivery" Australia Post services.  Both include tracking and insurance. 


Registered Post is available at buyer request.


Registered post including insurance of up to $100 cover is available at a fee of $3.95. An additional $1.50 fee is required for every extra $100 insurance required to a maximum insured value of $5000.


Postage Transit Time Estimates - Within Australia:


Items sent at letter rate (decals, PE, etc) 2 to 3 BUSINESS Days.

Items sent at Parcel rate (kits, conversions, etc) 5 to 7 BUSINESS Days.



Postal Rates - Worldwide:




The Australia Post service is a reliable and efficient service.  However, a Buyer Tracking Service is NOT provided with Standard Airmail services.    (ie. you, the addressee cannot track the item.)


Standard Airmail includes Insurance to most countries.  Exceptions - African countries, China, Mexico, Middle East and South American countries.


The 'Pack & Track' insured and tracked service is available at an additional fee of $6.00 for countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, or $8.00 most European and Asian countries.  (The service is mandatory if purchase value is over AUD$75.00).


Pack and Track is not available to all South American countries.


The Express Courier International service (ECI, also known as EMS in some countries) provides a faster (tracked) service than standard Airmail or Pack & Track.  ECI requires an extra $16 fee above the shipping rates noted on this page.


Small Flat Packages


All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are not subject to GST.

Decals and Small flat accessories (such as a typical PE packet) are sent at the following rates:


Up to 250g;    (typically up to five decals or three PE sets.)

*  NZ/Oceania/Asia     $8.40

*  Rest of the World    $10.40  


251 to 500g;  (typically up to ten decals or six PE sets.)

*  NZ/Oceania/Asia     $13.00

*  Rest of the World    $16.00


Special Note.  Packages greater than 500g, or thicker than 20mm must be sent at parcel rates.



Quick Guide to STANDARD AIRMAIL Overseas Parcel Postage Rates:


(including packaging)

New ZealandAsia Pacific

North America

& Middle East

Europe,  Africa &

South America

Up to 250g $8.50 $9.40 $10.55 $12.35
251 – 500g $12.00 $14.40 $16.70 $20.30
501 – 750g $15.80 $19.40 $22.85 $28.25
751 – 1Kg $19.60 $24.40 $29.00 $36.20
1Kg – 1.25Kg $23.40 $29.40 $35.15 $44.15
1.25Kg – 1.5Kg $27.20 $34.40 $41.30 $52.10


Express Courier International and Express Post International Services are available. These are more expensive than standard airmail rates quoted. If ECI or Express post is required, please request this in the Comments area when using Checkout.


Surface Rate Shipping.   

We do not offer Surface rate unless your order is greater than 2Kg. Insurance is mandatory for any parcel sent by surface. Be aware that surface shipping from Australia can take 12 to 18 weeks.


Also, Surface Shipping requires very heavy duty packaging.  The difference in shipping charge may make Surface Shipping rate no cheaper than a well packed Airmail parcel.


Airmail Shipping Transit Time Estimates - International:


7 to 10 BUSINESS Days. 


Be sure to allow extra time at peak postage demand times of the year such as Christmas.


Note that public holidays at departure, transit and destination countries will add to the shipping time.


*** Postal rates are subject to change without notice. ***